Welcome to the Mossman Neighborhood Association!

Upcoming Events:

Our Street Fair is being held Sunday September 24th at the 7th Day Adventists church on San Pedro.  Note this is not the same church that we normally meet at….this is right across the arroyo from us.  See this map for clarification.
  • 4:00pm – 6:30pm
  • This is a potluck…please bring a dish!
  • The neighborhood association will provide chicken and beverages.
  • We will have our cake walk…please donate a cake and bring $$ to buy tickets!
  • The city climbing wall will be there…free for anyone to use!
  • We will host a book exchange…bring some books to give, look for books to take.
  • This is our only fundraiser for the Mossman Neighborhood Association!  Please come and mingle with your neighbors!

Our Fall Meeting is being held Thursday November 9th at the Heights Christian Church on Montgomery.



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