Meet the board

Mossman board members:


Lori Jameson, president

Lori has lived on Dakota Street for since 2003. She has been on the Neighborhood Association board since 2011, serving as board Secretary for one year, President for the past 4 years. Lori is also the editor of the Mossman newsletter. Lori and Chris raise their children on Dakota Street and are grateful to live in such a wonderful neighborhood. 

Marya Hjellming-Sena, vice president

Marya has lived on Dakota Street since 2001 and has been on the Mossman Neighborhood Association Board off and on since then, serving as Secretary for many of those years, as well as President and Vice President. She and her husband Albert are “empty nester’s” now and have enjoyed this great neighborhood as a quiet, safe place to raise their daughter. 

Charlotte Mobarak, treasurer

Charlotte and her husband Richard have lived on California Street for the past 25 years.  She is the current treasurer of the Neighborhood Association. Charlotte is a biology instructor at CNM.  She and Richard enjoy living in such a great neighborhood and hope to be here many more years.

Tom Davis, secretary

Tom has lived on Mossman Place since 1987. Tom works for the IBEW. He and his wife Christine raised their daughters in our wonderful neighborhood. Tom had been on the Mossman Neighborhood board for 2 years.

Mel Strong

Mel is the web designer for the Neighborhood and has lived on Mossman since 2014.  He is currently and educator for the Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos.

Barbara Silva

Barbara lives on California Street. She has owned her house since 1970. Although Barbara moved to a different part of the city for a few years, she returned to the neighborhood in 2004. Barbara is retired after 41 years as a counselor at CNM. In addition to serving on the board for the 3 past years, one year as the Secretary, Barbara was also a previous board member who has generously agreed to serve again.  

Chris Bowen

Chris has lived on Dakota Street since 2003. He served previously on the neighborhood board for 10 years, most of that time as board treasurer. Chris has generously agreed to serve on the board again.

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